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Sākums / Skandas SPS-619 RMS 20W 2x10W black

Skandas SPS-619 RMS 20W 2x10W black

Zīmols: SVEN
Preces kods: DPERSVJTUM020
Pieejamība: Ir pieejams


Bez Nodokļa: 32.23€

Visi parametri
Barošanas veids : Tīkls 230V AC
Krāsa : Melna
RMS Jauda : 20W
Savienojums ar datoru : Vads
Skaļruņu skaits 2.0 (Stereo)



Skaļuma regulēšana : Ir
Tālvadības pults : Nav
Papildus specifikācija
ProductCode - SPS-619
Vendor - SVEN
ProductType - Multimedia - Speaker
ProductCategory - Multivide
ProductDescription - Speakers SVEN SPS-619 Black, RMS 20W, 2x10W
Image - https://www.it4profit.com/catalogimg/wic/1/SPS-619
ProductCard - https://content.it4profit.com/itshop/itemcard_cs.jsp?ITEM=140411071818507965&THEME=asbis&LANG=lv
Audio Output Mode - Stereo
System Components - 2 Speakers
Output Power - 20 W
Frequency Response - 70Hz-20kHz
Audio Controls - Treble Volume
Speaker Features - Magnetic Protection
Front - 2 x 10W (1 x 1", 1 x 3"), 13cm x 20cm x 11.5cm;
Audio Line-In Interface Quantity - 1
Audio Line-In Interface Connector Quantity - 1
Audio Line-In Interface Connector Type - Mini-phone Stereo 3.5 mm
Headphones Interface Quantity - 1
Headphones Interface Connector Type - Mini-phone Stereo 3.5 mm
Nominal Weight - 2.35 kg
Package Type - Retail
External Color - Black
Device Location - External
Fabrication Material - Wood
Power Device Location - Internal
Input Voltage - AC 220 V
Input Frequency - 50 Hz
Power Source - Power Supply
Warranty Products returnable - Yes
Warranty Term (month) - 24 month(s)
Warranty validation Criteria - Serial Number
Pack Weight Brutto (kg) - 2.89 kg
Pieces in pack - 1
Box Weight Brutto (kg) - 23.1 kg
Packs in Box - 8
EAN Code - 6438162011260
Image - https://content.it4profit.com/pimg/s/resize/600x600x600x600/140808140021439460.jpg
Image - https://content.it4profit.com/pimg/s/resize/600x600x600x600/140808140021498517.jpg
Image - https://content.it4profit.com/pimg/s/resize/600x600x600x600/140808140021478684.jpg
Image - https://content.it4profit.com/pimg/s/resize/600x600x600x600/140808140021461673.jpg
Code - SPS-619
Name - Skaļruņi Sven SPS-619 20W
Desc - Konfigurācija: 2.0, Tālvadības pults: Uz skaļruņa, Jauda: 20 W, Barošana: Stravas, Frekvenču diapazons: 70 - 22000 Hz, Garantija: 2 gadi
LargeDescHTML - SVEN Company presented SPS-619 speaker system in an unusual color solution – in gold, continuing by that the series of models with the unique design. Black glossy surface and light golden ornamental elements on front panels in combination with each other look very daintily and stylishly. Being casted associations with precious exhibits and masterpieces on exhibitions, the model can rightfully claim to be a “interior ornamentation” status.SVEN SPS-619 is the embodiment of the most necessaries to sound movies, computer games and listening to music tracks on PC. Its compact dimensions allow placing speakers on the worktable next to the monitor without any inconvenience for the user. A separate tweeter reproduces all tinges of the vocal, stringed instruments and percussion very distinctly, at that the tone control allows correcting the saturation of high-frequencies making the sound more explicit.It is noteworthy that cabinets of speakers are wooden (MDF). This allows suppressing different sound distortions related to physical laws of sound-wave propagation in the closed space. As the result, the sound becomes purer and more natural.The control panel is located on the side wall of an active speaker for the sake of convenience. It has the volume control of the system, as well as the treble control. Taking into consideration the computer orientation of the speaker system, there is the headphones jack on the panel conveniently.As a result, SVEN SPS-619 GOLD is an affordable functional upgrade for your PC with the design inviting to the eye and the convenient set of control options.The information provided on this page is a property of the manufacturer or the brand.To find out more, please visit: http://www.sven.fi/
EAN - 6438162011260
ImageUrl - http://www.balticdata.lv/Gfx/ProductImages/Info/Product_2640_1.jpg
Category - Datorpiederumi un programmatūra :: Skaļruņi

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